Tuesday Tapes…


…is a weekly mixtape of music compiled by a living, breathing human – and is made for other living, breathing humans.


…is a weekly suggestion of music from your music-nerd-friend – the one who shows you, and challenges you to listen to, all the great stuff that Spotify would never dare recommend you.


…is one human saying to another human: “Hey, I really like this – you should give it a listen!”


…is a rebellion against recommendation-algorithms and artificial intelligence that tries to map your wants and interests, in order for you to stay longer, buy their product or click their ads.


…is not bound by norms, stereotypical music classifications and genre-monogamy. All music is welcome here, as long as it is done with passion.


…aims to showcase lesser known artists and tracks, that might not get as much airplay as the stadium fillers.


…does not believe in the romantic idea of the starving artist. Artists need time and money to make good art. If you like the music, please consider supporting your favourites.


…is an impermanent entity on a permanent internet. The mixtapes are only available for 7 days and are taken down afterwards.



May, 2020.