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Here is Esther:
From the get go she appears seem dark, mysterious and apocalyptic – and make no mistake, she is all of that – but you soon discover that she has a calmer, more laidback side to her, one that you might never really get to know.
No one knows where she is from in this world (or maybe outside it?), but she has a special affinity for chop suey and other American Chinese dishes.
Rumours have it that she kills for love, western style, while riding in to the sunset with her merry gang of outsiders.
But not all is well and fine with Esther. While she might be dancing in the evening sun, she constantly fails her pursuits and finds things to just go wrong. One thing however that makes her giggle with joy, is to spend time in a park in Oslo, jumping in bouncy castles and smoke funny stuff.
The days often end in her mind ruminating the past, present and future, thanking the ones who gave her everything she needed to survive.