Hi, I’m Emil.


I am Danish and have recently moved back to the motherland after 3 years on the west coast of Norway.


I DJ when people let me, I spend time in nature when I feel like it (I studied the subject for three years), I try to make music when I am not too afraid of failing and I made this website for you to discover.


One of my greatest joys in life is to share music I love with others who I think might love it too, and after thousands of hours of searching, finding, stumbling and listening to a tiny percentage of the music that is put out, I decided to share the gems from my musical travels.


Tuesday Tapes is me scratching my own itch, creating the mixtapes I wish others would have shared with me.


I don’t believe in the artificial intelligence and algorithms of music sites and streaming services. They work, yes, but they only feed you what they know you will like. Very rarely are you thrown a curve ball. I call this genre-monogamy and it is my hope that listeners of Tuesday Tapes, will be exposed to music that they might not otherwise have been exposed to.


There are so many artists out there who do not get the recognition that (I believe) they deserve. Tuesday Tapes is my attempt to give something back and help people find the lesser- and unknown artists. 


I havd paid for all the music which is put in the mixtapes, but I do not own the rights to the music.


If you have any questions, want to get in touch, or are you an artist who has been featured in a tape and want it taken down, please send me an email at:

emil@ronning.net, and I shall get back to you as soon as possible!


Thank you for listening and I genuinely hope you enjoy some of the music!


– Emil Nordhild Rønning